About NemaSync


NemaSync emerged from the company LabTIE in 2019 and its focus is the development of the C. elegans (nematodes) Synchronizer (CES) helping researchers synchronize nematodes with ease and accuracy. The CES is a manual worm Synchronizer delivering tight synchronized L1's without the use of chemicals.

Our Customers

In the space of  Life Sciences, Chemical, Agro and Food: universities, commercial research organizations, government agencies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, biotechnology researchers and many more not mentioned in this summary, are our customers. However, we do not want to exclude but instead always welcome to explore opportunities with those who wish to work with us and our products. Therefore, we always welcome challenges that are in need of a solution. It's what makes us who we are.

Social Responsibility

In our quest to bring innovative solutions to market, we don't forget about the world we live in and our shared social responsibility. We partner wherever possible with social work facilities, creating jobs for people, who, through no fault of their own, struggle to find suitable employment, releasing human potential while making a positive impact on our communities.